Our Vision:

     Free Trade Economic Zone contributes to the enhancement of  competitiveness of Oman regionally in  attracting and developing the local and international investments and its development.

Our Message:

      We have been seeking for a business  relationship with the private sector to  build and equip a free commercial zone being a business hub for attracting local and foreign investments rendering and adopting the best management practices, services and facilities for the business development by providing comprehensive infrastructures. it is also giving the investors a package of exemptions and facilities to build-up healthy business cooperation and coordination with all the official bodies and the business community locally and regionally.

Dear Investors:

To keep pace with the Sultanate's economic development and to provide a suitable investment environment in the Sultanate and to enhance the power of attracting long term investments, and since the free zones have a great importance to achieve either goals, The Free Zone Law has been promulgated unde the Royal Decree No. 56/2002 to organize, create and manage the free zones in the Sultanate. Constructing the strategy and economicl importance of Wilayat l-Mazyounah in Dhofar governorate ,The Almazunah Free Trade Zone has been established in  Dhofar governorate  to be the median free zone in the Sultanate. The Royal Decree No. 103/2005 has been promulgated to establish the same  and to vest its management to the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates. The free zone located at the extreme south-west border of the Sultanate with the Republic  of Yemen  is considered  the gateway of the Federation of GCC Customs and portal of commercial exchange with the Republic  of Yemen  reaching up to the countries of Eastern Africa. 

With the purpose of organizing the work within the free zone and to obtain a set of facilities along with best management practices, the Free Zone Committee has issued the Ministerial Decision No. 22/2010 by which a regulation has been adopted determining  certain commitments and responsibilities to Al Mazunah Free Zone. Also this decision grants the investors  a set of exemptions and facilities.



Salah Bin Nassar Al Alawi,

Director General

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